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Dobson Ranch Fall & Spring Weight Loss Challenge...see what they said about the program:


“This program was perfect for all people!  I thought for sure it would be intimidating and that I would have to hide in the very back – I was front row every time!  Nancy showed us different levels of progressions that allowed me to work my way up at my own pace.  Elaine was always my focal point with her “support smiles”!!  I am sad that it is over.  I hope there will be another class soon.  Thank you Nancy & Elaine!!  You have changed me & my family for the better!  We have learned a different way of thinking about fitness & food.  We have changed our family ways!”


“The weigh ins were great.  It made me reconsider what I was about to shove in my mouth.  I ate a whole lot more fruits and vegetables!  It was really fun!”


“Nancy and Elaine make the previously unpleasant chore of weight watching and exercise into a fun and exciting evening. I have finally found the push to make a positive change in my eating and exercise habits.  Thanks again for this fun program. “


“It’s great to know that these kind of programs are offered within our community.  We all have to help each other get healthy.  It’s good to have an extra PUSH!”


Personal Training Testimonals:
It has been a over a year that I have been working with Nancy and have really changed my perception of exercise and fitness due to her methodologies.  She is not a slave driver but a a patient, well knowledged professional who has guided me into a life style which includes fitness and nutrition awareness.
How lucky I am to have found such an awesome personal trainer.  I have used trainers in the past and most of the exercises and techniques were that in which I was not able to ultilize when training on my own.  Now I train in between my sessions using the techniques that she has shown me. 
Because of Nancy, I have seriously considered entering the world of personal training myself.  This is after 45 years of never being able to consistenlty workout for more than a couple of months at a time.  I am proud to say I have lost 3 sizes and feel great!  Gina K (Feb09) 

I have been working out with Nancy for a little more than one year.  She challenges me, yet works within my ability to perform.  I never thought I would stick with such a program.  It is fun as well as challenging and never boring.  Judy P (Feb 09)

Here's what Barbara had to say about Magill Fitness:

 Thanks to Weight Watchers and Nancy Farrington, I have lost over 25lbs and still dropping!  This has been especially challenging since I injured my knee in a fall at home (not during exercise) and was undergoing physical therapy for 8 weeks.  Nancy was great!  She worked with my doctor and physical therapist to customize my work out based on their recommendations.  Even with a couple of set backs, I've been able to stay on track with Nancy's encouragement.  So, if I can manage to avoid anymore injuries, I will be hiking up to Snowball for  the Hike to Conquer Cancer in Flagstaff on August 15th.  Thank you Lisa and Nancy for your continued support and encouragement! (Aug 09)

See what Rosalyn had to say about her at home workout experience.  I put together a workout for her to follow while on vacation:

I DID IT!!!!!!!!
Had to work Friday so I did nothing, had to rest Saturday so I did nothing, read your email around 2:00pm, felt guilty but did nothing.  Took Bee for a 45 minute walk this morning, came home, thought about it for about an hour and then started my resistance training!  Got through the whole thing in about 45 minutes!!!!!  Since we walked so long this morning I didn't do the tread mill in between but I did rest.  I did all the single leg exercises!  I DID IT!!!!!!!! I DID IT!!!!!!!! I DID IT!!!!!!!!  By the way did I tell you I DID IT!!!!!!!!
did help for you to send me the email, thanks.  I didn't exactly hate the exercising but I am convinced that I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS hate crunches, but I DID IT!!!!!!!!
Yeah for me!!

Fitness in the Park Testimonals

Nancy’s Fitness in the Park class is the reason I look forward to Mondays!  It is a quick, efficient total body workout with a lot of fun mixed in to keep us smiling through the sweat. Working out in the fresh air and sunshine is a wonderful alternative to a stuffy gym and the camaraderie of Nancy and the other women is also a benefit of this great class!  Ann B (Feb 09)

I look forward to my workouts every Monday and Saturday!  I feel so much better when I work out.  I enjoy the people I work out with and I really like how Nancy makes me feel so motivated, even when I feel like I cannot do one more squat!  I know I would not push myself as hard and it is not as fun!  Beth M (Feb 09)

When I first signed up for "Fitness in the Park" I was excited and nervous.  Excited - because it wasn't in a gym and the price was so reasonable.  Nervous - because what if I failed and made a fool out of myself? Well, now I am just plain excited to go - even at 6am.  It is great being outside and Nancy is phenomenal!  She makes every workout different so that it's not the same old same old.  Plus, she adjusts the exercises to fit your needs and is so encouraging. My abs not only get a workout from exercising but also from laughing with Nancy and the others who are there.  TracyAnn (Mar 09)

An email from FIP'er Lisa M -Hey there! I'm glad to be a supporter and bring friends, I really do "feel" your motto of friends and fun in fitness, it makes the biggest difference. I have never stuck to anything "healthy" so consistently for such a long period of time. I can't believe its almost been a year since I started coming! Anyways, I'm 100% certain its because I feel like its time to hang out with a friend (you) and the work out is just bonus. Sept 09
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